Avon & Wilts Mental Health Partnership Trust cycles circa 30,000 miles each year on STS e-Bikes

The story that needs to be told:

STS has been working with and supporting Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership Trust (AWP) for 9 years enabling its’ staff to cycle all over their region visiting their clients in their own homes.

AWP have been leasing STS Giant e-bikes which has proven to be a good workhorse for the AWP teams to ride. STS provides full back-up mobile support and bike maintenance to keep the AWP cycle fleet fully utilised and riders using the bikes as their main mode of transport, whether as dedicated bikes or as a pool operation.

STS harvests the mileage done by the riders and works with the fleet managers to monitor the data. Every year we work out issue a Certificate to the Trust detailing the mileage the fleet achieves and the impact on AWP’s Carbon Footprint.

All NHS Mental Health Trusts could benefit from using e-bikes.

Certificates can be seen here: